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Blue Wedding Color Combinations Ideas

Do you wish your wedding to stand out? You can start over with a unique color palette. While you might be aware of the common color combinations for weddings, weddings are nowadays getting popular with the unique color combinations of blues when it comes to weddings. Whether you wish to go for something playful and fun or something intimate or lavish, you can come across a wide number of options when you wish to select the right color for weddings. It is important to keep in mind that the color combination that you choose will help in deciding other design elements including the color of the bride’s dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and the overall décor.

While there is no wrong way to select the color palette for your wedding, we aim at enlightening you about the favorite picks of the modern wedding trends. The entire floral design of the wedding helps in playing a vital role in the wedding color throughout. It also assists you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding bouquet that goes along with the theme. Whether you are still considering the right hues to choose the perfect blooms or wish to use the appropriate bloom shades, our suggestion will help you decide the magical bouquet color palettes for the wedding.


Top Color Combinations for Weddings


Navy Blue and Burgundy

Get access to the beauty of the navy blue and burgundy shades when it comes to revamping the color palette for your wedding. While most out there might opt for neutral shades like pastels or light shades, the bold colors like navy blue and burgundy are symbolic of immense confidence, power, and authority. Just like other dark shades, it is known to carry a sense of elegance as well as sophistication at the same time. When you opt for something bold like this, it is recommended to make the other décor or your dress something neutral and light. Plain tablecloths can work wonders and you can even go sans the tablecloths and allow the bare woodwork show confidently.


Navy Blue and Black

Feel something odd about the black shade when it comes to the wedding bouquet? Still, it is top on-trend in the latest wedding design ideas -especially when it comes to decorating the wedding bouquet. Bring on a sense of elegance and power as you flaunt the unmissable black shade of roses or other flowers. As black is itself quite bold, it requires to include have a sense of depth by combining it with blue shade when it comes to designing the perfect bouquet for modern weddings. In some specific cultures, the black shade stands for something auspicious and spiritual. When you choose the black color, you should keep the wedding colors from looking too stark by mixing other light shades. You can pull off the look by adding other lighter shades including navy blue or green for improved aesthetics.


Navy Blue and Rose Gold

Rose gold is a highly trending color when it comes to the bloom at your wedding décor. Whether you are decorating the wedding bouquet or designing the entire wedding décor, rose gold is a beautiful shade to go with. The mix of navy blue and rose gold tends to enhance the overall aesthetics -including both the wedding décor and the wedding bouquet. For a ballroom theme, you can arrange a beautiful array of greenery as well as classic white florals for a romantic, elegant feel. At the same time, for a wedding with an industrial theme, you can design the tables in a chic tablecloth along with sequined runners throughout.


Navy Blue and Yellow

Yellow when mixed with navy blue for the wedding blooms, it serves to be a vibrant color scheme for any wedding out there. When you are opting for such a fun & vibrant color theme for the florals at your wedding, try dressing the rest of the reception in something plain or neutral. Plain tablecloths would work effectively. You can even go for the sans tablecloth look as you allow the wooden base of the table appear aesthetic. For the grand finale, you can transform the wedding cake into a beautiful display of color lush blooms for a showstopping appearance.


Navy Blue and Coral

Do you wish to add a spark of fun and something vibrant to the wedding bouquet? The unique navy blue and coral combination is a rare sight when it comes to wedding bouquets. Coral shade adds a pop of fun color to the wedding décor -be it the table décor or your wedding bouquet. The vibrant shade of coral flowers in the wedding décor is known to add a great deal of beauty to the entire look. Coral looks stunningly beautiful when combined with both dark as well as neutral shades.


Navy Blue and Pink

Do you have a love for pink? Navy blue and pink go hand in hand when you are designing the perfect wedding bouquet. Most of the brides have a love for the pink shade when it comes to the overall wedding décor. Pink is a color theme that you can never go wrong with. To top it all, the beautiful combination of navy blue and pink is something that draws the attention of one and all when the same is presented in a wedding bouquet. Moreover, you can come across various shades of pink in all possible floral variants -including roses and tulips for a unique wedding bouquet.


Navy Blue and Silver

While silver might be a risky affair, still most modern wedding planners are trying out the new look when combined with the starkingly beautiful navy blue shade. While navy blue appears to be a bold shade, the silver hue to the bouquet helps in keeping the overall setup from looking too stark. You can even consider mixing some cream or take a greenery inspiration from the natural, dusty shades of green. You might as well consider selecting succulents for the purpose.


Navy Blue and Blush Pink

Feeling blushed on your wedding? Add more to the blush by going for this unique theme of wedding bouquets. The blush hue goes well along with navy blue when you wish to pop up fun colors to the wedding bouquet. Personalized details like customized designs for wedding invitations, unique wedding accessories, and monograms could also be set up in this trending color combination for the wedding theme.


Navy Blue and Orange

Give the wedding bouquet a fresh start by including orange blooms throughout. When complemented with navy blue florals, the wedding bouquet or décor. Vineyards bring an old world charm to the wedding theme -especially when you go for the orange hues. When the wedding theme is decorated with the moody, in-depth details of bold and vibrant shades like navy blue & orange, the entire situation becomes even more romantic.


Navy Blue and Copper

This theme is all about using the natural elements of the earth and enhancing the wedding décor -especially the wedding bouquet. Remain chic and beautiful by going all “copper” for your wedding. For accentuating the overall look, you can go for using as much wood in your wedding décor as you can. Balance out the natural settings by adding some dramatic elements to the wedding décor like a chandelier or a luxury lounge space.

Navy Blue and Purple

While purple is a strong hue, it surprisingly appears to be versatile for a classic wedding bouquet. Bring on a sense of ultimate elegance and sophistication with the unique combination of navy blue and purple flowers for the wedding bouquet. Purple flowers look smashingly beautiful with other bold florals including navy blue green, orange, and others. Whether you are looking for an entirely purple theme for the wedding or wish to add some spice to the look, purple florals are a great choice -especially the orchids.

    Our Advice

    Make the most of the wedding theme by including vibrant shades to the décor or bouquet. We live in an experimental era. Therefore, you might as well consider experimenting with the looks -especially when it comes to the wedding bouquets. While you might have finalized your pretty white wedding gown, adding a touch of unique colors like bold themes can be immensely helpful in creating a stark appearance throughout. Stand out from the rest as you photograph yourself with the most beautiful and unique wedding bouquet in elegant shades or combinations.

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