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The Game Changing Flower Industry

According to a recent survey, the U.S. flower market has crossed the colossal figure of $26 billion on annual sale-purchase and is expected to rise further in the coming years. The U.S. has become a leading importer of flowers from various countries around the globe. Approximately 83% of them are imported from its Latin friends in the south, Colombia (70%) and Ecuador (13%). Now that’s a huge figure! What makes The States import this much of flowers and that too maximum from these two countries only? We’ll get to know about this in the following lines. Before that, let’s try to understand the whole game of fresh flowers and their transportation.

How are flowers transported from Colombia and Ecuador to the U.S.A?

The journey from the farms through trucks and finally jets starts from the efforts of cheap labor that puts thousands of hours to ensure that Americans get top quality roses and carnations around Valentines, Mother's day and weddings. These two countries are severely diseased by drug trafficking, guerrilla wars, etc. especially Colombia. Rose flower breeding has given hope to millions of families in these countries, and people are ready to do anything that doesn't involve drugs. They work in the farms, cut the flowers from the aisles, and bring them to the processing plants. Here these flowers lose their thorns and get packaged for their journey via trucks and airplanes. What could be better than being surrounded by acres of red roses and their fragrance, than being involved in drug deals? This has led to a significant shift in the Colombian economy. Now by just exporting roses to U.S. around valentines, this country earns 20% of its yearly revenue, imagine! Now we want you to imagine, around 30 cargo jets laden with millions of roses taking off from this country to the U.S. straight for 20 days. That’s the number of flowers imported by the U.S. just around February. Let’s not count the import numbers for around Christmas and the wedding season. Phew! By now, you must have got the idea of how much love Americans have for rose flowers.

The wholesale and retail establishments in the U.S. have very well understood this love and are encashing huge on it. It is self-evident for them to sell the world-famous Ecuadorian rose at a price set as per their own will. You won't believe the margin that these establishments enjoy. What adds more to the demand of these roses, and why do we buy them at such high rates?

The Middle Man

With around 20,000 established florists, the ‘middle man’ concept has risen to the point that this flower market has raised manifolds. Around 30 percent of the flowers get discarded even before reaching the consumer because of perishability. This makes the prices rise because of the demand and supply concept. A flower has a vase life of 10 to 15 days once it reaches the customer. No intermediary would want to waste the money that he is going to make through this vase life. So to cover for that, he increases the prices. Many such factors add to the increased costs. Walmart alone plays a key role in governing the prices around any special day in the States. Such retailers and wholesalers have a great say in the American floral industry. All these steps that a flower has to go through right from the farms through middlemen to the consumer, makes it super expensive.

A Direct Way-out 

Can this middleman be cut out of the picture and the prices be brought down to a reasonable number without jeopardizing the quality of the flowers? Of Course, the answer is a big yes! We, at Milena Bouquets, are a fair-price farm-to-customer company and renowned for our rose collection. What makes us the best is our preserved rose collection, which has a long vase life of up to a year or two. We bring these flowers straight from the farmers to the customers, and hence our prices are reasonable. Ecuadorian roses are the best because of their long vase life. They come in various colors as well. Be it golden rose, blue rose, purple roses, burgundy rose; we can get you any. Even tie dye roses or black roses are also available. People who love using fresh roses for interior decoration will find them apt for the use. No more buying fresh flowers every time as your Ecuadorian rose will last a year. So, next time if you wish to purchase flowers for special occasions, think of us before going to your local flower shop.


What Makes Ecuadorian Rose Last So Long?

These roses are top quality roses that are farmed in the Andean foothills. They receive ample sunlight and glacial waters strengthen them and give them a great bloom and healthy stem. Unlike other roses, they are grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. All this leads to a longer vase life. All one needs to do is keep them away from humidity and direct sunlight.

These roses are a one-time investment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars every year on fresh flowers, why not try preserved rose bouquets and blossoms. You will be directly supporting the farmer community and be saving a lot on the money you give to the middlemen.


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