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About Us

Milena bouquet was born 3 years ago when I was visiting a flower farm estate of some friends in Machachí Ecuador, the Colonial farmhouse was adorned by fantastic bouquets of flowers with stunning colors from the roses of their plantations.

 Fresh Cut Roses


The enchanting show that these flowers gave us was combined with all the particular charms of the region. 

Seeing the reaction of all who were there, we were invited to a tour of the farm. 

Among volcanoes, horses and beautiful landscapes we were able to witness large greenhouses of roses that give life to this area. 


Rose Farm
 Green House of White Roses


The majesty of this flower is represented in intense colors such as orange, yellow, red and in romantic shades such as pink, peach, lavender and the classic white.

At the end of our visit we were gifted with a bouquet of Vintage Pink roses, the same ones that adorned my home for a few weeks. It was fascinating to see the process of the rose flowering , until one day they dried and dye.

In my mind I only thought about having a bouquet of roses that would last forever. After many months of trial and error, along with my husband Andrés, we found a method to preserve the Flower and Foliage for many months - years. Keep the freshly cut flower as if time had stopped. 

That day Milena Bouquet was born, with the aim of decorating our life with preserved floral arrangements and that the flowers accompany us for a long time. 

Our Company manifesto is to bring the most impressive flowers to the the World and be the protagonists in all the special moments of life.

 Preserved Wedding Flowers

My Sister Andrea on her wedding day with my daughters Milena and Emma - Our First Preserved Flowers. Flower Girls and Brides Bouquet


That's why Milena bouquet acquires its flowers directly to the best flower farms in Ecuador.

This country located in South America is famous for its Roses used in the Oscar Awards, Celebrity Events and many passionate Brides and Grooms. Thanks to its climate and geographical conditions, the most colorful roses on the earth are grown.

Adriana Martinez

Adriana Martínez

Founder of Milena Bouquet