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Attaching Holder to Your Bouquet

We designed our bouquets always thinking of all the uses that brides can give them, centerpieces, vases, walls, decoration and of course in the hands of passionate brides.

After your big event you can disarm your bouquet, so it will be easier to transport or use it in another way.

Your bouquet comes with its holder separately. The Holder is made of natural preserved rose stalks.



You will find 1 or 2 pointed wooden sticks that you will insert in the base



Place your bouquet with the base facing up, then insert the handle. You will need to push until the foliage in the handle covers any space.


We have made a guide insertion to make it easier



You can insert your fingers into the bouquet foliage to achieve more firmness between the base and the handle.



The foliage should cover the base.