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Taking Care of Your Flowers


Our products are made with 100% premium roses and foliage from Ecuador. We cut them fresh and immediately preserve them, freezing a moment in time.
Ecuadorian roses are famous throughout the world for their vivid color, head size and vase life.

 Preserved flowers don't  need water! It's best to keep them in a dry place.

 Prolonged sunlight will slowly  cause the color to fade.

 Better to keep them out of the sun.

 Gently remove dust from  the petals and foliage  with a small brush.



Unpacking your Bouquet

 Our flowers are packed so that they do not mistreat.

 Remove at the base the protective cardboard that is pinned.

 The roses can be protected with plastic caps, you must remove them.

 You can expand the petals of the roses carefully so that they gain more volume. With a toothpick insert it between petals and separate it a 1/2 Inch ( 1 cm).

 Over time the roses will expand naturally until they reach their optimum opening point.

 Remember that our bouquets are made with natural roses that have been preserved, to suspend up to 98% of the process of aging of flowers. Unfortunately one day they will also wilt.

 If over time some petal begins to wilt you can remove that petal and the flower will maintain its structure.