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Floral Bouquet for the Bride , Choice of Colors and Design Ideas

Choosing a wedding bouquet is an essential ritual for every bride. You always want to find something extraordinary and striking that fits perfectly with the concept of celebration. A bit complicated, but incredibly spectacular, it is considered the composition of burgundy and cinnamon flowers. If you choose the right color combinations to create harmonious shape and then make sure the flowers and the dress are one, you can create a bright and memorable image that will delight everyone around you.

The color of Burgundy is still considered a derivative of red, so some shadow symbolism is transmitted by inheritance, and some turned out to be individual. First, Burgundy symbolizes wealth and prosperity, even luxury. That is why it is found more often in the homes of wealthy people. Also, Bordeaux encourages action, focused work, and focus on the main case.       

Types of Wedding Bouquets

There is a perfect bouquet for each bride. Whether you're classic, minimalist, or vintage, you need to find the one that best suits your style.

We tell you the best ideas for you to find the perfect combination. The bridal bouquet is a piece with high relevance in all weddings, both for its beauty and its meaning; it is one of the elements that the brides care most when thinking about the details of the wedding.

Minimalist Bouquets

We saw this type of bridal bouquets in numerous celebrations last season, and they are a very successful choice for brides who like the most conservative bouquets, both in size, as in flowers. They are usually made up of peonies, carnations, or roses, perfect for brides who want to look stylish.

Bouquets with Wild Flowers

They are perfect because they are original and very versatile. These flowers fit perfectly with brides who celebrate their weddings in nature, especially in rural and rustic estates. They have a very romantic touch and usually cheaper. The seasonal flowers are perfect for this type of bouquets, and they combine perfectly with simple, carefree wedding dresses and especially with those more boho-chic styles.

Asymmetric Bouquets

These types of bouquets are characterized by not having a definite shape, which provides some sense of chaos, even of "derangement," are more informal and are usually made in pastel colors, or nudes, and you can add slight color details. They are perfect for wedding dresses with little body. They are natural, spontaneous, and very casuall. 

Bridal Bouquets in Cold Tones

The time of the year in which you celebrate your wedding has a lot to do in choosing the flowers of your bouquet, since in winter and autumn; cold tones are the most chosen, as well as orchids, tulips, gardenias, and the roses.

Bouquets in Warmer Tones 

If your wedding takes place in spring or summer, the most summery shades will be the best. We can choose flowers such as peonies, dahlias, sunflowers, gardenias, lilacs, and of course, roses.

How to Combine the Dress with the Wedding Bouquet?

When you think about how you can combine these two elements, you have to keep in mind that the size of the bouquet should be according to the dress, as well as according to the body of the bride. Since for example, if you are very tall, a small bouquet can pass too unnoticed. It is important to make a parallel with the chosen dress.

The composition for a burgundy wedding fits perfectly in the traditional ceremony. This bouquet will combine well with a retro holiday, mainly if the details of a similar tone are used in the interior decoration. Usually, such a bouquet is decorated with a ribbon decorated with a vintage brooch or pearl threads.

Having added the flowers of the shade of Burgundy with yellow and orange buds, it will turn out to create an elegant accessory for a boho wedding. This suggests that by combining the details correctly, you can meet the requirements of any ceremony.

Types of Various Flower Bouquet Arrangements for the Brides

The Bouquet is the first accessory of a bride, small, fragrant, delicate; it is a real jewel that completes and embellishes the wedding dress.

Have you ever noticed that the Bouquet is always present from the beginning of the preparations to the famous throw to single friends? Consequently, it will be present in many photos of your wedding day and will have to be chosen with care, not only in terms of form and style, but also because it will have to adapt well to your figure, your white dress and the type of wedding you want. The right choice of flowers is also essential so that it lasts for the entire wedding.

Biedermeier Bouquet 

Do you prefer something more particular? A bouquet of cream, light pinkish and fiery burgundy tones is ideal for brides with a strong and determined character!

These are the perfect colors for solar women who want to give a touch of color wherever they go. Therefore, this Burgundy and Cinnamon Wedding Bouquet from the house of Milena Bouquet is designed using vintage pink roses, lovely red wine roses, cream roses, and white roses. Featuring an adorable amalgamation of Limonium, leather leaf, and eucalyptus for a lively touch, the roses are freshly cut on the Ecuadorian farm. They can be preserved for at least three years. These beautifully preserved flowers also make a great keepsake. 

Thanks to the colors typical of the fall, you can decorate your wedding in this season very romantically. An essential part of the wedding is the bridal Bouquet. The bridal Bouquet in the fall should reflect the characteristics of the season. This can be achieved by using colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow. Flowers that are best suited are Cinnamon and roses.

Natural Chic Bouquet

The floral arrangements of last year have seen the triumph of the Natural Chic style, and also the Bouquet has been, rightly, influenced, becoming soft, romantic, but also very versatile. You can make a vital dress more delicate or be the emblem of a Boho Chic wedding.

If your choice falls for this type of floral Bouquet, you will have to choose a slightly irregular and "disheveled" shape. There is also a lot of ornamental green, like the eucalyptus or the amaranths, or small floral treats like chamomile or Astilbe. 

Alternative Bouquet

More and more brides who, for reasons, choose an alternative bouquet or a bouquet those flowers have a fabric with them. There have been many designers who are dedicated exclusively to the creation of these alternative accessories. Always keeping in mind the mood of the wedding, you can play with fabric flowers, paper decorations, and establishments in velvet or beads. Or be more daring by opting for a bouquet full of feathers and Swarovski. Or rely on your wedding planner or your trusted florist to commission one with fruit and vegetables.

The advantages of the alternative Bouquet are certainly two: the possibility of customization (in particular with colors that are not usually found in nature) and the certainty of never seeing them wither.

Hoop Bouquet

The latest floral trend, which will be adopted by many brides in 2019, is the Hoop bouquet, which is a bouquet in the shape of a ring. You can use metal to create the circle or directly the foliage, and then decorate it with flowers and ornamental green, usually decorating only half of its surface, so that it can be grasped like a handbag.

This type of Bouquet will be ideal for the most romantic unconventional brides or for those who want to choose the "circle of life" as the theme of the wedding. If, on the other hand, you are fond of the idea of ​​a classic flower bouquet, you can have your bridesmaids wear a floral circle.

Pendant Bouquet

The pendant Bouquet, or drop, is always an exquisite choice. It is suitable for mermaid dresses or a white dress with a substantial fabric, such as the silk mikado, which creates spectacular volumes on the front of the tail. This type of Bouquet can be created with a rounded size at the top and a long cascade of flowers and leaves; or following a more glamorous style, using, for example, roots, bulbs, or small hanging vines downwards. If you love to give it a more stylish touch, then you can play with strands of pearls or other tiny decorations to make it a real jewel of floral design.

Architectural Bouquet

As the last inspiration, we leave you with a new and fashionable style, suitable for those who love a mix of tradition and innovation and want a floral accessory that leaves everyone breathless. We are talking about the Architectural Bouquet, which is a bouquet of designer flowers where flowers and leaves create original floral architecture. 


Finally, always remember to choose the wedding dress first, and once you have a definite style and design, choose a bouquet that fits your style and personality.

We hope that these tips for wedding bouquets have been useful to you.

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