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Why you should Use Preserved Roses Bouquets? - Milena Bouquet

Why you should Use Preserved Roses Bouquets?

Before talking about the reasons why Preserved Roses Bouquets is a good option, let's explain what exactly these types of flowers are. What makes this unique bouquet look like fresh flowers, and how they have been treated with a unique conservation technique that does not require water or light to maintain their freshness and appearance.

Enjoy them for years

Preserved Roses Bouquets are very resistant and durable as flowers are freshly cut in our Ecuadorian farm and then preserved. Merely taking care of them properly, you can enjoy them for months (and even years!). Besides, they will retain their appearance as the first day and will serve as a souvenir of that special moment. All you have to do is keep them away from water and extreme humidity.

Give them another use as a decorative element

In Milena Bouquet, we have an immense variety of flowers, which allows you not only to create a unique and special bouquet but to give it a second life after the big day.

On many occasions, we are sad to put so much enthusiasm on something that we will only enjoy once, so we recommend betting on the Preserved Roses Bouquets. We have already talked about their durability so that you can use them in your home as a decorative element. Putting the bouquet in a vase, even if it does not contain water, will serve to decorate a room in your house or office, and you'll get a touch of warmth.

You don't have to leave the flowers for the last moment

A bouquet of natural flowers (like the centerpieces of the tables) "forces" you to order them at the last minute so that they look bright. This is another advantage of this type of ornament; you can order them with plenty of time without fear of damage!

Care is effortless

Since the flower is preserved, care does not have to be so intensive. Although it is rare (since it is not normal when talking about flowers), it is best to preserve them indoors, in a place that does not receive direct sunlight. And most importantly, don't water them or put them in the water!

Special moments to give preserved roses

It is essential to know that preserved roses are designed to maintain their beauty for a long time. Therefore, they will be a reminder of the special occasion in which they were presented.

In the same way, it is not convenient to give preserved roses without any apparent reason or any occasion or particular purpose, since for so long, they become a reminder of both the good and the bad, which in this particular case is what we want to avoid.

This Preserved Roses Bouquets is a gift that will remind the person who gave them, so it is ideal when we want to surprise someone special.

Preserved roses are a gift that you could practically give them on any occasion, so everything will depend on the context and the intention with which they were presented.

What are the most appropriate occasions to give these Preserved Roses Bouquets?


It is one of the most critical moments in any person's life, being able to give away a beautiful box of this preserved Preserved Roses Bouquets.


The arrival of a baby is a cause for joy for the whole family. Make sure the baby's sex before giving away a box of preserved roses since you have the option to choose the color.


Obtaining an academic degree is the product of years of effort and study, so a box of this preserved Preserved Roses Bouquets is ideal since it represents success and prosperity.

Another option is that the gifts of the color that most identify with the profession of entertainment.


A birthday is an ideal time to make this gift, as it is a gift that will be difficult to forget. Ask your family members what their favorite color is and give them a box of preserved roses of that color or failing yellow since this color denotes friendship.

Valentine's Day

Prepare for the next Valentine's Day and give the person you want one of these boxes with red flowers, which is the color of love and passion.


Even in these Christmas holidays, the preserved roses are very well received and valued, so give this preserved Preserved Roses Bouquets, and you will get it right.

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