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Agapanthus Blue Flowers by the bunch

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This item is sold by the bunch.

Stems/Bunch: 7


Stems/Bunch: 7
Flowers/Stem: Multi-bloom clusters
Size: 25"-36" length
Availability: April-November
Vase Life: 5-7 days
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Common Names: Love Flower, African Lily

Blue Agapanthus is a beautiful, lavender-colored novelty flower that is available in bulk. These deep blue-violet flowers feature a trumpet shape with six or seven long petals. Each light purple petal has a darker violet stripe running from the center to the outer edge of the bloom. These blossoms form in tight, globe-shaped clusters and sit on tall stalks. Blue Agapanthus also has bright green foliage.

This flower gets its name from the Greek words for “love” and “flower”. This is why one of its common names is Love Flower. Another common name for the blue Agapanthus is the African Lily. This romantic flower represents love and love letters. Because of this, it makes a lovely addition to spring and summer weddings. Use the Love Flower in tall arrangements or cut it down for a full, round bouquet or centerpiece. They look lovely when paired with lavender, blue and white flowers.

Special Care

Use these for tall arrangements to add some purple/blue hue! They are beautiful for wedding flowers, especially for summer and spring weddings! when cut down they make a very modern full, round, clean arrangement. Use them with lavender, blue and white, flowers for some pop.