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Amaranthus Hanging Red - 15 Stems

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This item is sold by the bunch in multiples of 3

Stems/Bunch: 5


Stems/Bunch: 15/3
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 20"-25" stems
Availability: January-November
Vase Life: 5-7 days
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Unlike regular green hanging amaranthus, this red exotic variety features drooping flower clusters in red for an exciting, multicolored appeal. Our fresh-cut red hanging amaranthus features long, slender drooping clusters that form a natural downward counterpoint, so it’s commonly used in cascading arrangements. You can also use this exquisite drooping greenery for arrangements that hang over tables or cascade from vases in tall pieces. They’re also a popular choice for creating unique archway decorations.

Special Care & Suggestions

Make sure that you remove all leaves that will fall under the water line before you begin to rehydrate Amaranthus. To keep them in their best shape, we recommend rehydrating in lukewarm water in a cool environment.

Wonderful for cascading arrangements. Very commonly used to hang over edges of table arrangements or cascade from vases in tall pieces. Also great for archway decoration.