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Calla Lily Mango / Orange - 30 Stems


This item is sold by the bunch.

Stems/Bunch: 10


Stems/Bunch: 30/3
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 12" - 28" stem length, 2" to 3.5" blooms
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Price Class: $ $ $


Do you need a pop of color in your DIY floral arrangements and bouquets? These tubular-shaped mango orange flowers will add the stunning color that you need in a magnificently classic shape and style. This popular flower boasts clean, sophisticated lines and stands proud and tall at the ends of long, green stems.

The mango orange mini calla lilies’ blooms whorls up and out, and ends with a slight curl at its edges that adds a playful interest to the petals. Stunning when situated alone or together with other flowers or greens, these mango calla lilies are guaranteed to impress and are easy to arrange. Use a craftily tied stem to fasten several of these trumpet-shaped flowers together for an easy DIY bouquet or centerpiece — or for a more rustic look, tie the blooms together with a piece of muslin or twine. Add other colors of our calla lilies to these mango orange minis to add interest and depth. Although these flowers are available all year long and are suitable for an event or wedding in any season, the orange hue is especially popular during the autumn months. Let Blooms by the Box help you create something beautiful with our budget-friendly selection and let us deliver fresh-cut beauty right to your door!

Special Care & Suggestions

The calla lily is easily paired with many flowers but is most commonly placed with other calla lilies. Calla lily is often paired with roses. lily grass, and classic greens. This particular color looks beautiful when coupled with other whit mini-calla lilies.