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Aster Purple Flowers - 30 Stems


This item is sold by the bunch.

Stems/Bunch: 10


Stems/Bunch: 30/3
Flowers/Stem: multiple
Size: 16"-24" stem
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Price Class: $


Common Names: Spray Asters

Add this colorful spray of purple Monte Casino, or Heath, aster flowers to your arrangements to give it a purple pop of life. This variation of the aster flower is a popular choice among cut-flower enthusiasts and professional flower arrangers because of the volume it produces, as well as the multiple blooms of small flowers on each stem. These flowers are said to be symbolic of charm and patience — they are often called daisy lookalikes and are striking when paired with just about any species of flower.

The word “aster” comes from the Greek word for “star,” and these aptly named flowers feature brilliant purple petals that burst out of their happy yellow disc-like centers and are said to look much like stars. Create whimsical and charming spring and summer bouquets with the Monte Casino aster by surrounding them with colorful flowers. Consider pink or yellow snapdragons, purple, green or pink hydrangeas, and yellow daffodils, orchids or tulips. These Monte Casino asters are particularly lovely in wildflower or rustic arrangements and will add magnificent color and texture to your freshly cut floral arrangements. Consider a slightly out-of-the-box creation and mixture and produce a unique, elegantly refined look by adding yellow, white and other purple flowers to the Monte Casino asters — add yellow and white roses, baby’s breath, daisies, and magnolias. Create your perfect bouquet with the help of Blooms by the Box, our Monte Casino asters and our budget-friendly prices!

Special Care & Suggestions

Monte Casino Asters are most commonly used as a filler. They can be used with all color variations and flower types. These daisy look-a-likes are perfect for creating wildflower and rustic arrangements. Mix with different hues of purples and yellows to add texture and pop.