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Ornithogalum Thyrsoides



If you're a flower arranger, we strongly recommend that you add this gem to your shortlist. Incredibly long vase life of 10-14 days (hence the common name of "Wonder Flower'), outward-facing blossoms that blend nicely with casual and formal looks, a light fragrance and easy to position straight stems all argue for wider use. In the garden the plants die back and slip into dormancy after flowering, leaving room for a neighboring mid-summer bloomers to take over center stage. These undemanding South African darlings are happy even in dry sites as long as they have moderate amounts of moisture during the spring.

Ornithogalum Planting Guide

Ornithogalum dubium and O. arabicum are names that don't exactly roll off the tongue like, say, rose. They are, however, easier to care for than roses for those fortunate gardeners who live in warm weather areas. No thorns, black spot, mildew or insects. And as for vase potential, Ornithogalum are outstanding as dazzling cut flowers, lasting 1-3 weeks in an arrangement. We aren't suggesting that you abandon your roses. Instead, that you find a spot for a few of these and see why many believe they are amazing sleeper plants just waiting to be discovered.